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Pride 2007 - A video created from photos that were provided by Lester J Ballance, Jill Benevides, Michael Chanak, Scott Cruse, Daniel Drent, Dan Fitzgerald, Barry Floore, Jessica Fogle, David N Martin, Rene Micheo, Ronnie Rho, Ronn D Rucker, Ruth E Rucker, and Gina N Skye.

Cincinnati Pride 2007
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Pride 2006 - A video created from photos that were provided by Jenna Arnold, Lester Ballance, Belinda, Michael Chanak, Scott Cruse, Dan Fitzgerald, MLARRY245, Queen City Rainbow Band, Brian Reynolds, Ronnie Rho, Ronn Rucker, Chris Seelbach, and Michael Wigle.

Cincinnati Pride 2006
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or, if you have a fast computer and connection, try the big, high-res version
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Pride Parade 2005 - A video created from photos that were provided by Rene Micheo, Shawn Walker, Michael Chanak, and Steve Buescher.

Cincinnati Parade 2005
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Pride Parade 2004 - A video created from photos that were provided by Steve Liles.
Cincinnati Pride 2004

Cincinnati Parade 2004
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< Peaches gets a waving lesson?

"Nick Dixon Private Eye" - Created in 1994 by Don Myers, this twist on wartime movie trailers features Sirocco as Dora Diver.
Nick Dixon

"Nick Dixon"
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GCN Videos - In the mid '80s Cincinnati's Gay Cable Network debuted on Cincinnati's public access television. For the first several years the program was produced and directed by Mark Bailey and Roger Eikenberry. There were about a dozen of us involved and our weekly one-hour shows included a little bit of everything, from news and information to entertainment. It was pretty heady stuff for Cincinnati in the mid eighties. Replaying several times each week, it was the highest rated show on public access.

Carlene LaPera Carlene LaPera - Right Key, Wrong Keyhole
Carlene's signature number.
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Hurricane Summers Hurricane Summers - I Feel Pretty
A little Halloween number which was taped for "Kamikaze", a GCN spin-off program that was hosted by Hurricane Summers.
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